Elite Kids Fitness is a fun and challenging fitness program designed to prepare kids for sports, engage them in physical activity, as well as, to provide a fun approach to exercise. Classes are on-going throughout the year, with camps also offered during school vacations, in-services and summer breaks. Kids will experience all aspects of fitness including balance, speed, agility, power, strength, coordination, athletic performance, functionality, nutrition, health and socialization. All Elite Kids Fitness programs are instructed by fitness professionals led by Lisa Ziemba, MA.

Our goal at Elite Kids Fitness is to:

  • educate kids and their parents as to the benefits of sports and physical activity
  • prepare kids physically, mentally, socially and emotionally for a lifetime of healthy habits
  • practice self-respect and respect for others while recognizing each others’ gifts of individuality
  • exercise through play, in a safe, fun outdoor environment
  • strengthen mind and body while learning self-confidence and personal motivation

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