About Lisa

Lisa Ziemba PhotoLisa has been working in the fitness industry for over 25 years. She has been an athlete since she was a little girl. Lisa grew up a “tomboy” in Vermont and is not afraid to get dirty!! She participated in soccer, cross country running, skiing, basketball, tennis, track & field and softball in high school. In college, Lisa continued to play varsity soccer and compete in track & field. She received a Bachelors of Science in Physical Education/Sports Science degree from the University of Vermont in May 1984. During her senior year at UVM, Lisa was offered an internship at Twin Oaks Club, one of the largest fitness facilities in the East. That summer, after graduating, she was promoted to Assistant Fitness Director. Two years later she was promoted again to Fitness Director, where she held that position, until moving to California in 1990.

In her 20’s Lisa was introduced to the sport of triathlon! From that moment on she was hooked! She moved to San Diego to pursue her triathlon endeavors and continue her education in the Sports Medicine Graduate Program at SDSU where she received a Masters degree in Kinesiology/Sports Medicine.

After moving to California, Lisa worked as a Personal Fitness Trainer, attended school and trained for triathlons. In 1992, she started Elite Fitness, a personal fitness training company, working with adults and children. Many of her clients were elite adult athletes as well as Nationally ranked high school and college athletes. Lisa has extensive training and experience in personal fitness training, kid’s fitness, sports conditioning and coaching.

In 2006, Elite Kids Fitness was established. Kids have always been Lisa’s passion! Throughout her fitness boot camps, Lisa challenges kids physically, mentally, socially and emotionally, by letting them work out various “problems”, whether it’s a way to get through an obstacle course the quickest, or working with teammates to figure out a solution to a group game. Lisa introduces a motivational quote each day. The class is based upon this quote, and the kids read it, give their interpretation of it and they all discuss what it means to each of them. All the kids who participate in Elite Kids Boot Camps come away with some important life lessons.

Lisa continues to race as a top age group triathlete, coaches her son’s soccer team and volunteers at his school as a Room Mom.

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