Typical Day in the Camp

Typical Day in the Elite Kids Fitness Camp During Summer

Arrival: Team building activities
Daily Hike:
1. An arduous hike UP Torrey Pines hill! Sometimes we pull kids in a wagon…UP the hill! Sometimes we jog/walk down the beach and come UP the trails! Sometimes we do a scavenger hunt UP the hill and on the trails!
2. A jog/walk down the beach…while doing various activities including calisthenics, relays, etc. and even running in the water thigh deep!
3. A nice hike UP the trails surrounding Del Mar
The kids enjoy a healthy snack and rehydrate! This is a time we use for discussions on nutrition, exercise, social issues, and health.
Obstacle Courses:
Here the kids participate in wild and crazy obstacle courses which include activities where they must use their brains as well as brawn to make it through the obstacles whether alone or with a team! SEE PIX!
Relay Races:
Here the kids must work as a team to complete the relay! There are often many challenges presented to the team where they must communicate prior to the activity to figure out the best option of overcoming the challenge!
Boot Camp Olympics: This is usually held on the last day of camp!
Each participant competes in “Olympic style” events where they compete against themselves and other competitors to “place” in the various events.
Nutrition information, food diaries, “homework”, goal sheets, MOTIVATIONAL sayings, exercise journals are passed out here…depending on the focus of the camp that session.

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