“I LOOVVEE your beach bootcamp because all the kids get to workout and get faster and stronger. I also love that you don’t give up on anybody. Your bootcamp is the BEST in the world!!!!!!!!!”
Sebastian (11)

“My son LOVES Lisa’s bootcamp! He has learned not only the importance of fitness, but of nutrition as well. My son has created an album of the motivational quotes Lisa hands out and discusses. The lessons my son has learned will have a lifetime impact on him. I will forever be grateful to Lisa for all that she has taught my son about living a happier, healthier life in so many ways.”
Tatiana (Mom)

“I would like to share how absolutely amazed I am with Lisa’s bootcamp. As far as Summer Camp weeks go, for the health and well-being of our children, Lisa is #1. Lisa’s program is awesome, excellence on every level, a positive win win experience. I am so relieved and pleased that Lisa is ready for summer 2010. Lisa is an integral role in my son’s rocking summer!”
Judy (Mom)

“My son has so much fun, he forgets he is exercising!”
David (Dad)

“I love bootcamp! It insures a happy healthy tomorrow”
Cody (10)

“Bootcamp is a great way to get good exercise and have fun on the beach!”
Jackson (11)

“Lisa’s bootcamp is a fun explosion!”
Audrey (11)

“Lisa’s Boot Camp is a very fun exercise program that really gets you in shape. You get to hike, swim and may even get stung by a sting ray… but don’t let that stop you from joining. Lisa is like another mom to me.”
Jake (12)

Loved the hikes up Torrey Pines and had a blast with the relay races and obstacle courses!
Bryce (13)

Made a new friend last year at your camp and I am still friends with him. Thanks Lisa!
Alex (11)

Lisa, your enthusiasm was contagious and I was able to make it up the mountain-no problem!!
Jake (8)

Elite Kids Fitness is super fun!  Not only do we get to exercise and stay fit, we have lots of fun doing it!  You form so many great friendships, and go on so many fun adventures!  There are so many great experiences, I don’t know which is my favorite!  But, do make sure you wear bug spray…Kyra (13)

Elite Kids Fitness is an amazing program that has kept me fit and allowed me to make a variety of new friends!  The activities we do are extremely entertaining, and I will continue to come to the programs for as long as Lisa would deal with us  😉    Sophie (13)

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